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POWER is designed to teach problem solving and design thinking to unleash youngsters’ creativity and help them create real solutions.  Students from various schools get hands-on technology experiences, get to work with professionals and are trained to identify local opportunities for renewable energy. We empower students to design better renewable energy alternatives, from and for our communities.

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POWER is a design challenge for students to create renewable energy solutions. The challenge runs from March to June 2016 and includes 2 rounds. The first round is a poster design challenge: Show us your renewable energy technology! and the second round is a product design challenge: Pimp your solar charging kit!

The challenge forms part of a strategy to raise awareness about renewable energy careers for high school learners in the Greater Tygerberg area. The basic concept for the two stage challenge is for high school learners to create posters about renewable energy and design consumer products using solar PV modules. The groups with winning posters will move through to the product design stage which includes a full day of talks and workshops, the WIND & SUN MAKER event. Finalists of the product design attend the PITCH JOURNEY, another full day with finalists, judges and more.

NOTE: A final prize-giving and exhibition of all poster and product designs will take place 16 June 2016. All POWER participants and the Greater Tygerberg community are cordially invited.

The Greater Tygerberg PartnershipSaretec

POWER is a program run by InnovateSA, in partnership with the Greater Tygerberg Partnership and with support of SARETEC.